it doesn't need to be complicated

Free Promo Network is a "trade for mention" national service. We give you all the tools you need to generate fun giveaways and contests for your station.

open to all size markets

We don't care what your AQH is, your demo is irrelevant, and reporting stations can get their own label swag. Because the Free Promo Network deals in the National "bulk" audience, even the smallest station is eligible. Your listeners still spend money, and our promotional partners want it.

can the system be trusted

Free Promo Network is part of CDL MediaWorks LLC, a content provider for all types of radio stations. They are a well versed advertising agency & they produce numerous syndicated radio shows. Everything is on the up and up.

what's the catch

The small print is right here in gray and black. You must tell the listeners what you are giving away, or what they are registering to win. The companies that are providing these prizes do have a few sponsorship requirements. You'll fly "Southwest Airlines" to the CMA awards. That's why it's called trade for mention you know.

Be sure to ask about our market exclusive options.